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Explore automation with these three must-read books: "Ansible for VMware by Examples" by Luca Berton guides you through VMware automation using Ansible. Ideal for IT, SysAdmins, DevOps, and enthusiasts. "Ansible for Kubernetes by Example" empowers you to automate Kubernetes tasks using Ansible. Perfect for IT, SysAdmins, DevOps, and IaC enthusiasts. "Hands-on Ansible Automation" equips beginners and developers with Ansible skills for Linux and Windows. Transform IT operations with step-by-step instructions and best practices.

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Ansible for VMware by ExamplesAnsible for VMware by Examples” — A Step-by-Step Guide to Automating Your VMware Infrastructure by Luca Berton: Learn to connect hosts to Ansible (Inventory) and execute commands (Playbook) on target nodes. All code tested in 2022 with modern Ansible and VMware releases. This book teaches Ansible’s best practices for VMware automation, covering various use cases with live code demos. Configure Ansible to interact with VMware using ‘community.VMware’ documentation and Python libraries. Automate VM creation, management, snapshots, and more. Efficiently maintain VMware infrastructure with Ansible Automation, reducing errors through readable automation. Ideal for IT professionals, SysAdmins, DevOps, and infrastructure enthusiasts.

Ansible for Kubernetes by ExampleAnsible for Kubernetes by Example - Automate your Kubernetes Cluster with Ansible” by Luca Berton. Learn to automate Kubernetes infrastructure, cloud services, pods, and storage using Ansible. Configure your Ansible controller node, write Playbook code following best practices, and troubleshoot Ansible effectively. This book empowers you to automate tasks, enhancing productivity through Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for multi/hybrid cloud infrastructures. Master containerized microservices via Kubernetes for efficient, error-reduced cloud-native applications. Explore end-to-end use cases, advanced cluster automation, and specific module-focused lessons with battle-proven code examples for real-life usage. Ideal for IT professionals, SysAdmins, DevOps, and IaC enthusiasts.

Hands-on Ansible AutomationHands-on Ansible Automation” by Luca Berton is a practical guide that empowers readers with comprehensive Ansible knowledge and its applications in Linux and Windows environments. It covers Ansible setup, task execution, configuration management, deployment, orchestration, and troubleshooting. Advanced topics like Ansible Automation Platform, Morpheus, cloud computing, and Kubernetes are explored. With step-by-step instructions and best practices, this guide targets beginners and developers looking to automate tasks. No prior Ansible knowledge is required. Suitable for system admins, developers, and managers, the book equips readers to transform IT operations and boost efficiency.”

Access the Complete Video Course and Learn Quick Ansible by 200+ Practical Lessons
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