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Visualizing Ansible Architectures with ansible-inventory-grapher

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January 12, 2024
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As IT environments grow more complex, the ability to visualize infrastructure becomes increasingly valuable. This is where tools like ansible-inventory-grapher come into play, providing users with a means to graphically represent their Ansible inventories.

What is ansible-inventory-grapher?

ansible-inventory-grapher is a command-line tool designed to create visual graphs representing the connections and relationships between hosts and groups in an Ansible inventory. This can be especially useful when dealing with large inventories or when trying to understand the structure of an inherited project.

How Does it Work?

The tool takes an Ansible inventory file as input and generates a visual representation of all the hosts and groups, including variables assigned to each. By default, it creates a graph in DOT format, which can be rendered with graph visualization software like Graphviz.

Key Features

Use Cases

Getting Started

To get started with ansible-inventory-grapher, you typically need to install the tool via pip, Ansible’s package manager. Once installed, running it is as straightforward as pointing it to your inventory file and letting it process the data.


As infrastructure as code practices become standard, tools like ansible-inventory-grapher play a crucial role in maintaining clarity and understanding within IT teams. By visualizing Ansible inventories, teams can better communicate, troubleshoot, and document their environments, leading to more efficient and reliable operations.

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