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Test host availability - Ansible module ping

Ansible module ping. Today we’re going to talk about the simplest way to test if a managed host is available to receive our commands. I’m Luca Berton and welcome to today’s episode of Ansible Pilot.

Ansible module ping

Today we’re talking about Ansible module ping. The full name is, which means that is part of the collection of modules “builtin” with ansible and shipped with it. It’s a module pretty stable and out for years. It verify the ability of Ansible to login to the managed host and that there is a Python interpreter that is able to execute our code. So it’s pretty different for the ping in the network context. It’s the Linux corresponding to the Ansible win_ping module.

Main parameters and return values

People usually don’t specify any parameters or use the return value. For the parameter, it’s possible to change the behavior from the default “pong” to the “crash” that raises an exception in case of failure.

The return value default is the “pong” string, but you could customize it with the data parameter.


Are you ready to make your hands dirty? Let’s jump in a quick live demo of a playbook about the ping module.

- name: ping module demo
  hosts: all
  become: false
    - name: test connection

code with ❤️ in GitHub


Now you know better the Ansible module ping and you could use it successfully in your playbook. Subscribe to the YouTube channel, Medium, Website and Twitter to not miss the next episode of the Ansible Pilot.


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July 27, 2021