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Optimizing Linux with chrt Mastering Process Scheduling

Unlock the Power of Real-Time Scheduling in Linux for Enhanced System Performance

Explore chrt scheduling policies: SCHED_BATCH, SCHED_DEADLINE, SCHED_FIFO, SCHED_IDLE, SCHED_OTHER, and SCHED_RR. Learn their uses and options.
February 22, 2024
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The chrt command in Linux is a powerful tool designed for manipulating the real-time attributes of a process. This command allows users to set or retrieve the real-time scheduling attributes of an existing process identified by its PID (Process ID), or to execute a command with specified scheduling attributes. Understanding how to use chrt effectively can significantly enhance system performance and responsiveness, especially in environments where real-time processing is critical. Below, we delve into the syntax, options, and practical examples to help you master the chrt command.


The basic syntax of the chrt command is as follows:

Policy Options

chrt offers several policy options to define the scheduling policy:

Scheduling Options

Additional Options


View Current Scheduling Policy and Priority

  1. Identify the PID of the process, e.g., Firefox:
    $ pidof -s firefox
  2. Retrieve the current scheduling policy and priority:
    $ chrt -p <PID>

Change Scheduling Policy to SCHED_FIFO

To change the scheduling policy of the Firefox process from SCHED_OTHER to SCHED_FIFO:

$ sudo chrt -f -p <PID>

Change Scheduling Policy to SCHED_BATCH

To switch the scheduling policy from SCHED_FIFO to SCHED_BATCH:

$ sudo chrt -b -p <PID>

View Maximum and Minimum Valid Priorities

This can be achieved with the -m option:

$ chrt -m


Mastering the chrt command opens up new possibilities for optimizing system performance and ensuring that critical processes run smoothly. Whether you’re a system administrator, a developer, or simply a Linux enthusiast, understanding how to leverage chrt effectively is a valuable skill in today’s tech-driven world.

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