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Meeting Vivek Nandwani from ElevateSocial at the New Delhi International Book Festival

Navigating the Social Media Landscape: A Conversation with Vivek Nandwani

February 22, 2024
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In the bustling environment of the New Delhi International Fair, nestled within a BPB Publisher booth, Luca Berton shares his experiences on the second day of his visit. His enthusiasm is palpable as he engages with individuals from across the globe, highlighting the power of connection and the diverse interactions that books and technology can facilitate.

The Power of Social Media Management

Vivek Nandwani, a new acquaintance of Luca, introduces himself as an expert in social media management. His role involves helping clients, both national and international, navigate the complex web of social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Vivek Nandwani’s specialty lies in managing brands on social media, particularly through Facebook and Instagram ads, aiding them in discovering new audiences and creating business channels. This expertise is crucial in today’s digital age, where a strong online presence can significantly impact a brand’s success.

The Importance of Content and Monetization

Vivek Nandwani and his team manage over 50 brands, handling more than 100 social media accounts. Their focus on Meta products (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) allows them to assist brands in creating, publishing, and monetizing content. This approach not only helps brands establish a robust online presence but also enables them to reach previously untapped audiences. Vivek Nandwani’s passion for social media management is evident, reflecting the importance of dedication and hard work in a competitive market like India.

Balancing Work and Family

Despite the demanding nature of his profession, Vivek Nandwani maintains a balance between his work and family life, a challenge many professionals face. His commitment to his work, evidenced by long hours and a competitive spirit, is matched by his dedication to his family, showing that success in one’s career does not have to come at the expense of personal life.

The Future of Social Media and AI

Looking ahead, Vivek Nandwani anticipates a significant role for AI and generative AI in social media and beyond. The use of AI tools in marketing is already underway, and its potential for growth is immense. This technological advancement promises to revolutionize various fields, including social media, by automating tasks and providing insights at the click of a button.

Full Interview

Luca Berton: Hi friends. This is Luca. I’m here in a BPV booth inside the New Delhi International Bookshop. I’m so excited. This is my second day here and I met new people. I’m chatting with everybody. As you can imagine, here there are people from all over the world and I have a new friend. Please introduce yourself.

Vivek Nandwani: My name is Vivek Nandwani. Nice to meet you. Yes, great talking to you bro and hosting as well, first time in India. Uh, I was just going through the book. It’s a little, uh, tech savvy for my, you know, interpretation, but it seems pretty nice. Yes.

Luca Berton: Uh, we are, we just had a small chat. They were sharing with me that he has a strong expertise, but in a different, different field.

Different field, yes. Can you tell us?

Vivek Nandwani: It’s more, uh, into social media management. We basically engage clients, uh, national, international, both, uh, across. different, uh, you know, social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Luca Berton: Oh, I think that is very important, especially sharing a message with the public.

Uh, what is your specialty? Uh, what is something that is unique?

Vivek Nandwani: So we, we basically, uh, manage brands, uh, market themselves better on social media. Specialty is more on Facebook and Instagram ads. We basically help them. You know, find new audience and, uh, create a, you know, business channel through whatever they have already ongoing on different social media channels.

So, yeah, so we basically help them manage their social media presence better.

Luca Berton: Oh, that’s cool. I think that nowadays everybody should optimize and be sharing with the whole audience. Absolutely. And what is, uh, the Do you have a, do you have a special brand or some special person that you manage?

Vivek Nandwani: We, we, we work with almost 50 plus brands as of now, and, uh, I mean, we look after almost 100 plus, uh, social media accounts, uh, like almost every brand has a Facebook and Instagram page.

Some have, you know, a few more. Uh, so yeah, speciality lies primarily, primarily you can say to all these meta products, uh, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, uh, helping brands, you know, create new content, uh, publish new content and monetize that content. So that’s our speciality. Like how, you know, this, you know, technical knowledge is, you know, uh, your thing.

We do a little bit, you know, on different aspects.

Luca Berton: I see a passion in your eyes and this is cool. How do you manage your busy schedule? I see that you have a lovely family that is behind the scenes. Actually, his wife is taking this call. Thank you so much. How do you manage your busy schedule? What’s your secret?

Vivek Nandwani: Hard work, I guess. How many hours? Almost 10 10? Wow. In a country like India, it’s very cutthroat competition and you really need to be on your toes to, you know, uh, help things move forward. So that is our aim.

Luca Berton: Wow. Wow. I can’t imagine. It’s very competitive, this market. It’s very

Vivek Nandwani: competitive. I mean, it’s competitive.

Social media is something which is not very I mean, it’s on the horizon. Uh, but it’s not something which is very established, so to speak. People are, you know, Indians are still learning the power of social media. So, yeah, we are doing our bit to, you know, help them educate, empower, and, uh, helping them, you know, find new, uh, channels, so to say, because usually brands expect people to walk in or, you know, reach them through references, but we help them, you know, uh, find these new sets of audiences which are, you know, unknown to them.

That’s primarily our job.

Luca Berton: I definitely hear you. When I started this YouTube channel, I was just coding by myself and sharing my knowledge with my small audience. And by the time you grow up, more and more and now I’m able to speak with people worldwide. Actually, I’m here just thinking I’m an India guest of my publisher.

He is incredible. Have you ever thought writing a book about your specialty?

Vivek Nandwani: No, not at all. We, we not, we, you know, I’m definitely not as talented as So, I mean, writing a book or comprehending your thoughts in a book, it really takes a lot of, you know, time. Uh, time and intelligence and efforts, you know, not for now, for sure.

Okay. It’s great you have one and probably, you know, people can read it and get more knowledge through it and, you know, it can definitely help them because it’s a very technical subject and definitely help them, you know, further their knowledge and expertise on the topic. Yeah.

Luca Berton: Yeah, I mean. Thank you so much sharing your feedback.

I think this is very valuable, especially your hard work behind the scene. I really, I really appreciate the people that put an effort and this stuff. Just one last question. How do you see the future?

Vivek Nandwani: See, everything is going, uh, technologically wise, I’m pretty sure you’re very aware, uh, more so, you know, yourself, that it’s going more towards these AI and, you know, generative AI.

Uh, and we have also, you know, voted this particular bus, we are also using AI tools in our market. So, yeah, uh, AI is big and, you know, it’s going to get bigger and, uh, I guess that’s It’s pretty much the future of a lot of fields, uh, including social media, so to say. Because, uh, I mean, gone are the days where people used to, you know, manually do a lot of things.

When, you know, these powerful tools are out and you know, on the click of a button you get what you want. So yeah. AI is a boom and I think it’s going to get bigger and stronger and, you know, I don’t know. You know, a lot of things.

Luca Berton: I definitely agree with you. This, uh, new trend, AI is just I have a feeling that we just started.

Especially In my field, prompt engineering will be growing more and more, especially for managing server and managing a large fleet of computers. This is my vision, actually. And I think that we are going to revolutionize, well, social media. Absolutely. The way how we communicate and we connect with each other.

Great. So, thank you so much for sharing. So, so kind. Thank you. How people can reach out to you? Do you have any best contact?

Vivek Nandwani: See, I have a website, ElevateSocial. in, so they can probably, you know, if they like what they see, then, uh, they can, you know, get in touch with me because that’s what I say. Okay,

Luca Berton: cool.

Can you repeat for us?

Vivek Nandwani: It’s

Luca Berton: Cool. Guys, take notes and see us on the next adventure. Thank you so much. Have a good day. Namaste. Namaste.


Luca’s conversation with Vivek Nandwani offers valuable insights into the world of social media management and the evolving digital landscape. As technologies like AI continue to develop, professionals like Vivek Nandwani are at the forefront, navigating these changes and leveraging them to benefit brands and consumers alike. Vivek Nandwani’s story is a testament to the power of hard work, passion, and the endless possibilities that social media presents for connecting people and businesses worldwide.

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