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Meeting Mclistowel Koranteng Media Executive at National Film and Television School

Exploring the Convergence of Technology and Storytelling at the London Book Fair

March 20, 2024
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In the heart of the bustling London Book Fair, amidst a sea of stories waiting to be discovered, Luca Berton, an esteemed IT automation expert, stumbles upon an inspiring connection with Mclistowel Koranteng, a rising media executive and filmmaker studying at the National Film & Television School. This serendipitous meeting between two individuals from seemingly disparate professional realms highlights the unexpected intersections of technology, storytelling, and human experience.

A Tale of Two Passions

As Luca introduces himself to the fair’s attendees, he encounters Koranteng, who is currently immersed in creating a documentary titled “The Names We Call Ourselves.” This project aims to explore the complex relationships among global Black communities, 400 years following the departure of the last slave ship from Africa. Koranteng’s passion for telling profound, untold stories resonates with Luca, who himself is on a mission to demystify the complexities of IT infrastructure through his writing.

From Post-Production to Global Recognition

Koranteng reveals that his documentary is nearing the end of post-production, with hopes of securing streaming and airline deals to share this important narrative with a worldwide audience. Luca, intrigued and inspired by the scope and significance of Koranteng’s work, shares his own journey of bringing specialized knowledge to a broader audience through his latest publication.

Uncovering Common Ground

Despite their different backgrounds, Luca and Koranteng discover a shared dedication to impacting the world through their respective mediums. Luca’s book, which delves into the systems behind everyday technologies like MasterCard, Visa, and major airline infrastructures, draws a parallel to Koranteng’s work in highlighting stories that shape our global consciousness.

Looking Towards the Future

As their conversation unfolds, both visionaries share their aspirations for the future. Koranteng dreams of becoming an executive at a leading studio or streaming platform, while Luca aims to continue influencing the tech world through his insightful publications. Their mutual encouragement and respect underscore the importance of cross-disciplinary connections in driving innovation and understanding in an increasingly interconnected world.

A Promise to Stay Connected

Their exchange at the London Book Fair concludes with a commitment to keep in touch, a testament to the fair’s role in forging meaningful connections across the creative and technological landscapes. Luca and Koranteng’s encounter not only showcases the diversity of talent and ambition present at the fair but also serves as a reminder of the power of storytelling, whether through film or the written word, in uniting people from all walks of life.

As Luca bids farewell to his new friend and the viewers, the promise of future collaborations and shared successes lingers in the air, a beacon of hope for the endless possibilities that emerge when worlds collide at the London Book Fair.

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