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Meeting Mark Bolwell Principal Automation Engineer at MindPoint Group

I interviewed Mark Bolwell, Principal Automation Engineer at MindPoint Group, at Ansible Automates London 2023 conference explaining how to simplify Red Hat Enterprise Linux Security Compliance for the CIS Benchmark.

July 17, 2023
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Ansible Lockdown

Ansible Lockdown is a security baseline automation project sponsored by Mindpoint Group. It elaborates the resources, significance and objective of using the Automated Security Benchmark for auditing and remediation of system security. Our MPG Ansible Lockdown roles can be applied to systems to improve security posture, meet compliance requirements, and deploy without disruption after due diligence. Security hardening is achieved through the use of industry-recognized benchmarks CIS and DISA STIG, which provide open-source licensed configurations to bring systems into security compliance. The content delivered consists of an audit component based on GOSS that scans a host for compliance and a remediate component that can be run centrally using an Ansible Deployment Server to bring host(s) into compliance. The Ansible Lockdown is an open-source development/release process composes of MPG’s Ansible-Lockdown GitHub main/devel branches and ansible-galaxy updates that aligned with new benchmark versions.

Ansible Automates

Ansible Automates is a one-day event that will help deliver the right Automation strategy fit for your organisation with the cultural change needed to succeed in the constant evolving digital journey.

In the current world of Cloud and DevOps, Automation can be used to enable open ways of working in order to build business resilience and innovation in a shorter time with a lower TCO. Red Hat’s Ansible Automation Platform is more than a technology, it allows for the creation of scale, better governance and speed whilst delivering agility and flexibility to your IT organisation.


Thank you, Mark, for quickly introducing me to the Ansible Lockdown at the Ansible Automates London 2023 conference.

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