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Meeting Dr. Tony Parmar, Seasoned Healthcare Professional and Author at the New Delhi International Book Fair

.Exploring Passion, Purpose, and Connection: A Conversation at the New Delhi International Book Fair

February 17, 2024
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Greetings from the bustling grounds of the New Delhi International Book Fair! Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Tony Parmar, a multifaceted individual whose journey embodies a fusion of professional excellence, philanthropy, and a profound love for life’s adventures.

Dr. Parmar, a distinguished figure from Mumbai, India’s vibrant commercial hub, graciously shared insights into his diverse career trajectory, his passion for writing, and his unwavering commitment to giving back to society.

As we delved into his background, Dr. Parmar revealed that his professional journey has been deeply rooted in the healthcare industry, where he has ascended to the roles of Managing Director and CEO of several companies. Despite his remarkable success in the corporate realm, Dr. Parmar found himself drawn to the world of literature, driven by a desire to encapsulate his thoughts and experiences in a tangible form. His upcoming second book serves as a testament to this newfound passion, enriching the literary landscape with his unique perspective.

A notable aspect of Dr. Parmar’s story is his academic prowess, boasting not one but two doctoral degrees. His expertise lies in marketing and strategy within the medical domain, but his true calling extends beyond the confines of boardrooms and academic institutions. Driven by a profound sense of gratitude for the guidance he received throughout his life, Dr. Parmar is committed to paying it forward, channeling his energy into initiatives aimed at uplifting society.

Our conversation meandered through various topics, including the rich cultural tapestry of India, the allure of Mumbai, and the universal language of human connection. Dr. Parmar eloquently encapsulated the essence of India, a country that effortlessly blends ancient traditions with modern aspirations, offering a kaleidoscope of experiences to all who venture within its borders.

Amidst discussions about his future endeavors, which include conquering the Everest Base Camp and mentoring a startup in the realm of nutraceuticals, Dr. Parmar shared his philosophy on life — an invitation to savor every moment, embrace diverse paths to success, and prioritize human values above all else.

In a world marked by rapid change and uncertainty, Dr. Parmar’s message resonates deeply — a reminder to cherish the journey, cultivate integrity, and forge meaningful connections that transcend borders and ideologies.

As our conversation drew to a close, Dr. Parmar extended a warm invitation to all to embark on their own adventures in India, a land brimming with untold stories and boundless opportunities for discovery.

In closing, let us heed Dr. Parmar’s words and embrace the richness of life with open hearts and minds. Together, let us embark on a journey of exploration, connection, and shared humanity.

Thank you, Dr. Tony Parmar, for gracing us with your presence and illuminating our paths with your wisdom.

Until we meet again on the next chapter of life’s adventure, let us savor the magic of the present moment and celebrate the beauty of our shared human experience.


Full Interview

Interview Dr. Tony S. Palmar

Luca Berton: Hi friends, I’m here at the New Delhi International Book Fair, and I just had lunch with a very interesting person. Please introduce yourself.

Dr. Tony S. Palmar: Yeah, thank you so much for having me here. My name is Dr. Tony Parmar. I’m from Mumbai, which is the commercial capital of India, and I’ve come here to the World Book Fair, which is a very, very famous exhibition here for the launch of my second book.

Luca Berton: Wow, the second book. Can you tell me more about which field you are in and what this book is about? Please also share the title with our friends.

Dr. Tony S. Palmar: I am a 35-year-old professional from the healthcare industry, and I’ve grown up to become the MD and CEO of a couple of companies. Then, I suddenly got the kick of writing books.

I take a lot of talks in India and abroad, both on healthcare as well as social topics. But I thought I should, you know, put something on, on paper so that it is more permanent as a thought. Oh,

Luca Berton: I think this is very important. And we also [00:01:00] share some story because, uh, I’m also a public, uh, a book writer. But as you know, I just bought four, published four books, and I’m just early started.

I think that you are more like a seasoned experience of this field. Because, uh, well, I came here just for meeting my publisher and it’s a great connecting with all of you. Can you tell me more about, you say that you have a background, a lot of education. You were saying that you have two PhDs? Two

Dr. Tony S. Palmar: PhDs, two PhDs, yeah.


Luca Berton: what is your specialty exactly in medical?

Dr. Tony S. Palmar: Uh, I’m into marketing and strategy primarily. Okay. Yeah, but, but got into this passion of giving back to society. I’ve been very lucky, I’ve been guided well, I’ve had good gurus and teachers, and I’ve benefited tremendously from them. So I feel obliged that I want to give back to society.


Luca Berton: I think this is a very nice message, especially this World Fair that is targeting like international, and well, we are [00:02:00] all human beings, and we all share some different values. We speak a different language, I got it, but it’s very nice to connect with each other. And what’s the best part of

Dr. Tony S. Palmar: Mumbai?

Mumbai, everything is good. In fact, the best part about India is that in one country, you get everything. You get the old tradition. You get the new tradition. You get the hills with snow. You get the beaches with lovely sand and water. And you get the wildlife. So you don’t have to go to multiple countries to enjoy the beauty and the multiple holidays.

Please come to India. And all the infrastructure is also good. And for our friends from Italy Indian culture and Italian culture, they match a lot, so he’ll love it.

Luca Berton: Yeah, I really like a lot of the food here. It’s so tasty and it’s definitely a world apart. Well, you know, I’m not trading my pasta and pizza, but I think that it is very good.

And how do you see the future?

Dr. Tony S. Palmar: About? About you! Ah, about me? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I’m towards the end of my job career. [00:03:00] Now I want to enjoy, you know, tick mark all my passions. Me and my wife, who are avid trekkers, just did the Everest Base Camp a couple of months back. Oh, Base Camp? Yeah, yeah. That’s nice. So we just did that a couple of months back.

Uh, wrote my second book. Yeah, I’m mentoring a startup. And we are wanting to do a couple of other passion items. Startup?

Luca Berton: Wow! Can you tell me about?

Dr. Tony S. Palmar: Uh, that’s into nutraceuticals. Started by a friend of mine, Functional Nutraceutical, so I’m supporting him strategically.

Luca Berton: Oh, this is cool. This is so nice. Uh, okay, how we can, how people that are interested in your work can connect to you?

Uh, do you have any website? Yeah, yeah, I

Dr. Tony S. Palmar: do. I have a website by the name of Dr. T. S. Parmar. Okay. And, uh, I’m also on YouTube as Tony Parmar. Tony is my nickname. I’m on Facebook as Tony Parmar. Uh, I have a lot of, uh, My, uh, you know, video clips on YouTubes, on social topics, [00:04:00] on health care. So you must go there.

More than around 80, 90. I will.

Luca Berton: Definitely, I will. You must have a look at that. So, guys, please subscribe to his content. Because I think that we have a long journey together here. So thank you so much. Do you have one final?

Dr. Tony S. Palmar: What message would I like to put to friends? Friends, our life, human life, has a limited lifespan.

Let’s enjoy our life. Live it to the fullest. The destination is the same. Success. Happiness, good health. Paths can be different, but the foundation has to be very strong. And I strongly suggest everyone, please focus on human values, focus on ethics, and integrity, and your future is going to be great.

Incidentally, that is the core message that I’m giving in this new book of mine. Have a great life. Enjoy yourselves. Good health and happiness to each one of you. Thank you for having me. Wow.

Luca Berton: Wow. This is an incredible message. I really

Dr. Tony S. Palmar: Vinny, why don’t you come here? I’m really passionate. Can I, can I show my wife

Luca Berton: also?

Oh, yes, please join us. I mean, I think this is a great [00:05:00] message. Please join us. And it’s really nice feeling all together, all connected, especially in this world, this post pandemic world, they still try to It’s changing so fast, so fast, but this message is incredible. I mean,

Dr. Tony S. Palmar: thank you, and thanks to our friend for taking the effort of, you know, recording this.

Thank you so much.

Luca Berton: So thank you, guys, and see you on the next adventure.

Dr. Tony S. Palmar: Enjoy yourself. All of you must come to India and enjoy the variety that we have in India. Thank you.


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In conclusion, the dialogue with Dr. Tony Parmar at the New Delhi International Book Fair offers a profound reflection on the intersection of passion, purpose, and human connection. Through his remarkable journey from corporate leadership to literary pursuits, Dr. Parmar exemplifies the transformative power of embracing one’s passions and leveraging them for the betterment of society. His message of living life to the fullest, rooted in integrity and empathy, serves as a guiding light in navigating the complexities of our ever-changing world. As we bid farewell to this enlightening conversation, let us carry forward Dr. Parmar’s ethos of embracing diversity, fostering meaningful connections, and embarking on a shared journey towards collective fulfillment and enlightenment.

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