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Meeting Diana Fejzić Engineering Team Lead at XLAB & XLAB Steampunk.

I interviewed Diana Fejzić, Engineering Team Lead at XLAB, at XLAB HQ, explaining how Steampunk Spotter is a useful tool that transforms how Ansible Playbooks are managed, acting as a personal playbook advisor and bringing a game-changing approach to playbook management.
July 25, 2023
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Steampunk Spotter

The XLAB Steampunk Spotter is an Ansible Playbook Scanning Tool that helps optimize automation processes. It recommends improving playbooks and ensuring their reliability, security, and compliance. The tool can identify errors, advise on upgrading playbooks to the latest Ansible version, and detect deprecated modules and parameters. It also allows users to define custom rules and policies, check for best practices, and offer convenience features like automatic issue fixing and module documentation. The spotter can be integrated into various workflows, including command-line scanning, Git repository scanning, CI/CD integration, and code editor analysis. It suits playbook developers, quality assurance managers, operations managers, and IT security specialists. XLAB, the company behind Spotter, aims to support users on their automation journey and give them confidence in their Ansible automation.


Thank you, Diana, for sharing a quick introduction to Steampunk Spotter.

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