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Luca Berton & Erez Kirson on AI, Mentorship, and the Future of Innovation

Welcome to our latest video podcast featuring technology visionaries Luca Berton and Erez Kirson. In this episode, they delve into their personal tech journeys, discuss the latest advancements in AI, and share their perspectives on the future of technology and its integration into daily life. Whether you're a tech aficionado or just curious about where technology is headed, you'll find valuable insights and inspiration in their stories and discussions. Tune in to explore the intersection of technology, mentorship, and innovation with Luca and Erez.
June 25, 2024
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Join Luca Berton and Erez Kirson for an engaging exploration into the world of technology, AI, and the power of community in our latest video podcast. Dive deep into their personal journeys from early curiosity to influential tech careers, and discover their unique insights on the future of innovation.

In this episode, Luca and Erez discuss their passion for technology and open source, the importance of continuous learning, and the rising influence of AI in our lives. They share stories of mentorship, the significance of community support, and their vision for a future where technology and personal robotics seamlessly integrate into our daily lives.

Whether you’re a seasoned tech enthusiast or just starting out, there’s something in this podcast for everyone. From discussions on the miniaturization of technology to the role of humans in AI decision-making, Luca and Erez provide a comprehensive outlook on what’s next in tech.


00:00 Introduction and Connection

01:08 Passion for Technology and Open Source

03:01 Early Start and Curiosity

05:34 From Commodore to Technology Career

07:14 The Importance of Continuous Learning

09:24 The Fascination with Technology

10:47 Envision the Future of Technology

14:10 The Value of Community and Mentorship

15:35 The Power of Sharing and Mentoring

19:06 Acquiring New Knowledge and Asking Questions

21:47 The Rise of AI and Generative AI

23:24 The Future of AI and Technology

25:39 The Importance of Data and AI Use Cases

28:30 The Role of Humans in AI Decision-Making

32:38 The Integration of Technology in Everyday Life

35:30 Miniaturization and Personal Robotics

37:09 Giving Back to the Community

38:52 Favourite Book and Reflection on Life

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