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JetPorch Automation Tech Preview One Release

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September 27, 2023
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Jet is a versatile and community-driven IT automation platform designed for various tasks such as configuration, deployment, orchestration, patch management, and executing diverse workflows. Led by Michael DeHaan, the original creator of widely-used IT automation tools like Cobbler and Ansible, Jet combines simplicity, consistency, and stability in its design.

Tech Preview Release: Jet is gearing up for its first Tech Preview release, scheduled for September 29th, 2023. To celebrate this milestone, a virtual text-only release party will be held on Discord starting at 11:30 AM EST and continuing throughout the day and night.

Key Features of Jet:

Tech Release One

GitHub will publish the code release on Friday, 29th September, at 11:30 AM Eastern Standard Time as part of the Discord Release Party. Michael DeHaan (aka LaserLama) will be available on Discord all day until at least 9 PM Eastern (and probably way later) to accommodate people worldwide. So, yes, it’s a text-only release party in Discord all day! If you are not yet on Discord, see details on the documentation website.

Getting Started with Jet

Jet is a very community-driven project. The official communication channels are the website, Discord chat, and Substack. The documentation website is very upfront. If you have any questions about learning Jet as you read the docs, ask them in conversation, and the volunteer can help.

The project is inclusive of everyone worldwide and working in various time zones. Since they are using asynchronous-capable chat, it is possible to ask questions anytime. This is meant to be an international project, and we won’t let a concept as small as time get in the way.

Exploring Jet

Start your Jet journey by writing basic playbooks that use services, packages, and files. The syntax closely resembles the Ansible Playbook YAML language. Experiment locally, try SSH, and explore inventory plugins for cloud environments. Jet’s impressive features include fast Rust threading for parallel SSH and seamless handling of massive inventories. The best thing to do is start small and write some basic playbooks that use services, packages, and files and see what you think of Jet. The code syntax closely resembles the Ansible Playbook YAML language. Some suggestions:

Most commonly, only the remote username needs to be changed “devops”, and this can be adjusted on the command line:

jetp - playbook playbook.yml - inventory inventory - user devops
# playbook.yml
- name: Hello world
     - groupA
      - !shell: 
       cmd: echo hi


Ansible® is a registered trademark of Red Hat and is a GPLv3-licensed open-source application. Jetporch is not a drop-in replacement for any system and is an unaffiliated community project that will also have a GPLv3 license. Jetporch does not come with a warranty, expressed or implied. Usage is at your own risk.

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What to Expect in the Future

All the Tech Preview One features are sprinkled throughout the docs and mostly summarized on this status page.

The team will use the time in the coming month or so to not only improve modules and such from people trying out this first release but also continue to add modules and features as indicated on the status page and work with anybody who wants to contribute to the project to add who knows what may come.

Of planned features for Tech Preview 2, the SSH Fanout features and the ability to write modules in any language (JSON external modules) will be extremely impactful. The team will follow that with a third release in December or early January, featuring our planetary-scale deployment feature.


Contribution can also start immediately on Friday, though I would remind people to read the contribution guide on the docs site rather than submitting a GitHub pull request right away. We want things to be conversational and work through ideas before working through code.

Part of this is about reducing duplicate efforts and avoiding having to ask folks to make changes after they have already put in a lot of hard work. The team is empathetic to that based on past experiences — and they want to get stuff into a state where we can merge quickly and not leave folks out in limbo with all the hard work they have done to help the project.


JetPorch is poised to significantly impact the world of IT automation, driven by a community that values simplicity, performance, and security. With its Tech Preview One release just around the corner on September 29th, 2023, Jet promises to deliver efficient and secure automation solutions while offering an inclusive and collaborative environment for users worldwide. As we anticipate the release and explore the possibilities of Jet, we look forward to a future where IT operations are streamlined, reliable, and adaptable to the ever-evolving tech landscape. Join the celebration, get involved, and join the exciting journey into the future of IT automation with Jet.

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