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Interview with Pallavi Sharma at New Delhi World Book Fair

Author of 'Selenium with Java: A Beginner’s Guide' Shares Insights

Discover Pallavi Sharma's journey writing 'Selenium with Java: A Beginner’s Guide.' Learn about her inspiration, challenges, and vision at the New Delhi World Book Fair.
February 11, 2024
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In the bustling corridors of the 51st New Delhi World Book Fair, amidst a kaleidoscope of literature spanning genres and languages, I had the privilege of interviewing Pallavi Sharma, the author of “Selenium with Java: A Beginner’s Guide.” As the fair celebrated the theme of “Multi-lingual India, a living tradition,” Pallavi’s work stood out as a beacon for those venturing into the world of software testing and automation.

Pallavi, with her unassuming demeanor and insightful gaze, shared the journey that led to the creation of her book. “The idea was born out of necessity,” she began. “While mentoring young professionals and students in automation testing, I noticed a gap. There was a need for a resource that not only introduced Selenium and Java but also guided readers through the nuances of these tools with a hands-on approach.”

“Selenium with Java: A Beginner’s Guide” is Pallavi’s attempt to bridge this gap. The book is structured to cater to both novices and professionals who wish to delve deeper into automation testing. “I wanted to demystify the process of test automation with Selenium, making it accessible to a wider audience. The goal was to create a guide that was practical, easy to understand, and full of real-world applications.”

When asked about the challenges she faced while writing the book, Pallavi’s response highlighted the meticulous effort behind her work. “One of the main challenges was ensuring that the content remained relevant and up-to-date, given the rapid pace of technological advancements. It was crucial to provide examples and exercises that reflected the current industry standards and practices.”

Pallavi’s passion for education and technology was evident as she spoke about her vision for the book. “I hope to inspire a new generation of software testers and developers. Automation testing is a critical skill in today’s tech landscape, and I believe that with the right resources, anyone can master it.”

The interview with Pallavi Sharma not only shed light on her journey as an author but also underscored the importance of specialized literature in the tech field. Her book, “Selenium with Java: A Beginner’s Guide,” is a testament to her commitment to education and her desire to empower others with knowledge.

As the New Delhi World Book Fair continues to foster a culture of reading and learning, authors like Pallavi Sharma play a pivotal role in enriching this landscape. Her work not only contributes to the technical prowess of individuals but also to the broader objective of creating a more informed and skilled society.

In conclusion, Pallavi’s message to aspiring developers and testers is one of encouragement: “Dive into the world of automation testing with curiosity and persistence. The journey may be challenging, but the rewards of acquiring this skill are immense. Let ‘Selenium with Java: A Beginner’s Guide’ be your companion on this journey.”

Her book is not just a guide; it’s a gateway to the vast possibilities that technology offers, echoing the spirit of innovation and inclusivity that the New Delhi World Book Fair embodies.


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