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Integrate Automation Controller, Prometheus, and Grafana to IT Monitor Realtime

How to integrate Automation Controller, Prometheus, and Grafana to create a real-time Service Monitor Dashboard.

August 3, 2023
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In the dynamic realm of IT management, staying ahead requires more than just basic monitoring; it demands a symphony of real-time insights, seamless data collection, and actionable visualization. Enter the trifecta of Automation Controller, Prometheus, and Grafana . This powerful integration forms the backbone of modern IT monitoring, providing an unparalleled ability to orchestrate, gather, and harmoniously visualize data.

The Symphony of Integration: Automation Controller, Prometheus, and Grafana

Imagine a scenario with a fleet of servers, applications, and resources humming away in your IT environment. While each component holds its significance, the true magic unfolds when they synchronize and collaborate seamlessly. This is precisely what the integration of Automation Controller, Prometheus, and Grafana aims to achieve — a harmonious symphony of IT orchestration, data collection, and visualization.

  1. Automation Controller: The Conductor of IT Operations

At the heart of this integration lies the Automation Controller, the maestro orchestrating IT operations with finesse. It facilitates task automation, configuration management, and workflow optimization, ensuring that your IT infrastructure dances to a synchronized tune. With Automation Controller, the operational rhythm is elevated, enabling you to focus on strategic initiatives while routine tasks are elegantly managed.

  1. Prometheus: The Virtuoso Data Collector

Prometheus enters the stage as the virtuoso data collector. Armed with advanced data scraping and storage capabilities, Prometheus sweeps through your environment, collecting a rich tapestry of metrics and insights. It monitors everything from resource utilization and performance metrics to service health. Its real-time data collection ensures that you’re always in the know, with no blind spots left unchecked.

  1. Grafana: The Visualization Virtuoso

Imagine taking this vast ocean of data and translating it into a visual masterpiece — that’s where Grafana steps in. Grafana transforms raw data into captivating visualizations, infusing life into metrics and weaving a narrative that’s easy to grasp. Its dashboards become your canvas, where you paint a holistic picture of your IT landscape, making trends, anomalies, and patterns come alive.

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Integration Unleashed: How It Works

The integration dance begins with Prometheus, which diligently gathers data from every corner of your IT environment. This treasure trove of data is then funneled into Grafana’s sophisticated dashboarding platform, where it’s sculpted into meaningful visualizations. These visualizations, in turn, are orchestrated and aligned with Automation Controller’s operations, creating a seamless flow of insights that empowers you to make informed decisions, pre-empt issues, and optimize performance.

Empowering IT Excellence: The Benefits

The integration of Automation Controller, Prometheus, and Grafana bestows a plethora of benefits on your IT landscape:

Real-Time Awareness: Stay in the loop with instant insights into your infrastructure’s health and performance, enabling proactive response and rapid issue resolution. Actionable Intelligence: Translate complex data into actionable intelligence with intuitive visualizations that empower you to make strategic decisions confidently. Efficiency Amplification: Let Automation Controller manage routine tasks, freeing your team to focus on strategic initiatives that drive innovation and growth. Holistic Monitoring: Monitor every facet of your environment, from applications and services to hardware and networks, ensuring no corner remains hidden. Scalability and Flexibility: Seamlessly scale your monitoring efforts as your IT landscape evolves, adapting to new challenges and opportunities.

  evaluation_interval: 15s
  scrape_interval: 15s
  scrape_timeout: 10s


  - /etc/prometheus/rules/*.rules

  - job_name: prometheus
    metrics_path: /metrics
    - targets:
  - file_sd_configs:
    - files:
      - /etc/prometheus/file_sd/node.yml
    job_name: node

  - job_name: 'tower'
        insecure_skip_verify: True
    metrics_path: /api/v2/metrics
    scrape_interval: 5s
    scheme: https
    bearer_token: HLQ5mK0Ehei7zETdupEiq6iGCME99Y 
    # basic_auth:
    #   username: admin
    #   password: 
        - targets:

After successful integration with Prometheus, the data are starting to flow into the Grafana Dashboard. We can create our design Dashboard like the following:

Grafana Events

Disclaimer: The images and configuration examples provided are for illustrative purposes only and may vary based on the specific versions of Automation Controller, Prometheus and Grafana.


In a world where data is the currency of progress, the integration of Automation Controller, Prometheus, and Grafana emerges as a transformative force. It ushers in a new era of IT monitoring, where orchestration, data collection, and visualization converge to create a symphony of operational excellence. With this integration, you’re not just monitoring — you’re conducting a data-driven symphony that resonates with efficiency, insights, and growth.

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