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Installing and Configuring the Ansible Code Bot

Automate Your GitHub Repositories for Better Standards, Efficiency, and Code Quality with Ansible Code Bot

May 14, 2024
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In the rapidly evolving landscape of software development and IT operations, automation has become a cornerstone for enhancing efficiency and reducing errors. The Ansible Code Bot epitomizes this trend by leveraging automation to improve code quality through proactive engagements on GitHub repositories. This chapter delves into the setup and configuration of the Ansible Code Bot, a sophisticated tool designed to scan code repositories and suggest enhancements based on best practices and newer, more efficient methods.

The Role of Ansible Code Bot

The Ansible Code Bot serves as an automated reviewer for code hosted in GitHub repositories, whether public or private. By integrating directly with GitHub, it scans repositories for potential improvements, ensuring adherence to best practices and suggesting updates where necessary. This integration helps maintain high standards in code quality and reduces the likelihood of bugs and maintenance challenges.

Key Features

Installing the Ansible Code Bot

To deploy the Ansible Code Bot within your organization, follow these steps:

Step-by-Step Installation Guide:

  1. GitHub Integration:

    • Log into your GitHub account linked to your organization.
    • Navigate to the Ansible Code Bot GitHub app page.
  2. Repository Access:

    • Choose between full access to all repositories or select specific repositories for the bot to scan.
  3. Installation Confirmation:

    • Confirm the installation, granting the bot necessary permissions to access metadata, code, and pull requests on your repositories.
  4. Red Hat Single Sign-On:

    • Authenticate using your Red Hat account to confirm subscription details necessary for using the Ansible Code Bot.


Once installed, the Ansible Code Bot is accessible via a dedicated dashboard where you can manage settings, initiate scans, and review recommendations.

Managing Repository Scans

With the Ansible Code Bot installed, you can control how your repositories are scanned:

Configuring Scan Settings

To customize the scanning process, add a ansible-code-bot.yml configuration file to your repository, specifying the desired scan frequency and parameters.

Handling Duplicate Pull Requests

The Ansible Code Bot smartly manages potential duplicates by comparing new scan results with existing pull requests. If a duplicate is detected, it refrains from creating a new pull request, thus maintaining clarity and reducing noise in the repository’s pull request section.


The Ansible Code Bot is an invaluable tool for organizations looking to enhance their code quality through automation. By automating routine code checks and adherence to best practices, it frees up developer time and enhances the reliability of software projects.

For more details on troubleshooting and advanced configurations, refer to the Ansible documentation or contact Red Hat support.

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