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Highlights from Ansible Community Newsletter - Issue #127

Welcoming the New Year with Ansible Insights

January 18, 2024
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The latest issue of the Ansible Community Newsletter, Issue #127, brings a plethora of updates and insights as we step into 2024. It’s a hub of information for Ansible enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive look into what’s new and what’s next in the world of Ansible.

Key Dates and Events to Watch

The newsletter outlines crucial dates for the community, including meetings like the DaWGs and Community WG, and important deadlines for content submission. It also highlights upcoming releases like Ansible-Core 2.16.3 and Ansible 9.2.0, as well as key events such as FOSDEM 2024 and CfgMgmtCamp 2024.

Major Updates and Releases

Significant updates include the archiving of the ansible/community repository, and a host of project and collection updates. The AWX Project, known for its web-based UI and REST API on top of Ansible, announced its latest release with notable features such as TLS certificate authentication for HashiCorp Vault.

Collection Updates

The newsletter also covers updates from various collections like ibm_zos_core, purestorage.flashblade, community.hashi_vault, and more. These collections bring new modules, enhancements, and address critical changes in ansible-core.

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Community Contributions and Opportunities

The Ansible community is always looking for contributors, and the newsletter provides information on where to find easyfix or good first issues. It’s a call to action for those wanting to contribute but unsure where to start.

Community Tools and Comparisons

An interesting highlight is the comparison between Spotter and Ansible Lint, illustrating how these tools complement each other, enhancing the Ansible experience.

Engaging with the Community

Lastly, the newsletter invites members to the 15th Ansible Zürich meetup and encourages participation in community discussions and events.


Issue #127 of the Ansible Community Newsletter is a testament to the vibrant and evolving nature of the Ansible community. It’s packed with information beneficial for both seasoned professionals and newcomers to Ansible.

For more detailed insights, you can read the full newsletter here.

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