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Exploring Literary Journeys Len Epp Interviews Luca Berton on the Leanpub Frontmatter Podcast

Navigating Literary Landscapes: A Deep Dive into Luca Berton’s Authorial Odyssey on the Leanpub Frontmatter Podcast

November 29, 2023
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Date: November 29, 2023


In the vast landscape of podcasts, Leanpub’s “Frontmatter” stands out as a haven for insightful conversations with authors and special guests. On November 29, 2023, a new episode was recorded to the impressive catalog, featuring an engaging interview between Len Epp, the host, and the distinguished author Luca Berton.

Leanpub Frontmatter

Leanpub’s Frontmatter podcast delves deep into the lives, careers, and experiences of its guests, covering areas of human interest, general curiosity, and professional insights. With 277 episodes preceding it, the show has established itself as a go-to platform for those eager to explore the literary world.

Len Epp’s invitation to Luca Berton exemplifies the show’s commitment to providing a comprehensive view of an author’s journey. The interview, conducted over Zoom, typically spans 25 minutes to an hour. The format involves a nuanced discussion about the author’s career, their interests, and a dedicated exploration of their written works. Moreover, the conversation often touches upon the intricacies of writing and the unique challenges of self-publishing.

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A noteworthy precedent for this interview is the captivating conversation with Derek Sivers, available at The podcast has embraced the visual realm with recent video interviews, such as the one featuring Simon Brown at

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With more than 280 episodes already published, the Leanpub Frontmatter Podcast remains a dynamic platform that caters to both authors and avid readers. The sheer volume of content underscores its commitment to providing diverse and enriching discussions about the literary world.

If the provided time slots don’t align with an author’s schedule, Len is flexible, considering time zones and preferences to ensure a seamless and enjoyable recording experience. Authors looking to participate can explore the available slots on Calendly at

As Leanpub’s Frontmatter podcast continues to evolve and expand its horizons, the episode featuring Luca Berton promises to be another fascinating chapter in the ongoing exploration of literary journeys and creative processes.

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