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Join the Initiative to Enhance Module Connections through 'See Also' Suggestions

March 8, 2024
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In a recent development within the Ansible community, an initiative has been taken to enhance the usefulness and comprehensiveness of module documentation through the expansion of the “See also” sections. This initiative, brought to light by the community team at Red Hat during CfgMgmtCamp 2024, aims to leverage community insights to refine and extend documentation to better serve users’ needs.

The “See also” section in Ansible documentation plays a crucial role in guiding users through the vast landscape of modules available within Ansible’s ecosystem. It directs users to related modules that may serve similar functions or complement the functionality of the module being viewed. This section is especially beneficial for users navigating through modules with overlapping capabilities or those designed for specific use cases across different platforms.

For example, the ansible.builtin.copy module’s documentation includes a “See also” section that points users towards related modules, offering alternatives or supplementary options that could better fit their automation tasks.

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Call to Action: Empowering the Community to Contribute

Recognizing the potential for improvement in making these connections more visible and useful, the Ansible community team has opened the floor for suggestions from the user community. By contributing ideas for modules that share similarities or have relational functionalities, community members can actively participate in enhancing the documentation. This collective effort not only enriches the quality of information but also fosters a sense of collaboration and shared ownership of the Ansible ecosystem.

Participate and Make an Impact

If you have encountered modules that you believe could be linked through the “See also” section or have ideas on how to better group modules to aid in discovery and learning, your input is highly valued. By visiting the dedicated “Call to action” thread on the Ansible forum, you can share your suggestions and contribute to a more interconnected and intuitive documentation landscape.

This initiative represents an opportunity for the Ansible community to come together, share knowledge, and enhance the usability of Ansible for everyone from beginners to advanced users. It’s a testament to the community’s dedication to continuous improvement and support for one another in the pursuit of more efficient and effective automation solutions.


Whether you’re a seasoned Ansible user with insights into the nuances of various modules or a newcomer eager to contribute to the community, your participation can make a significant difference. Let’s work together to build a more comprehensive, user-friendly documentation resource that helps everyone achieve their automation goals more seamlessly.

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