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Custom hello-world Ansible Filter Plugin

Unveiling Ansible’s “hello-world” Filter Plugin in A Glimpse into Personalized Automation

Unveiling Ansible’s “hello-world” Filter Plugin in A glimpse into personalized automation for tailored solutions.
December 4, 2023
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In the world of automation and configuration management, Ansible plays a pivotal role in simplifying complex tasks and orchestrating diverse systems. One of the key features that makes Ansible highly versatile is the ability to extend its functionality through plugins. In this article, we’ll dive into the “hello-world" filter plugin written in Python for Ansible within the namespace.

Understanding the Basics

The “hello-world” filter plugin is a simple yet illustrative example of a filter plugin in Ansible. The purpose of this plugin is to generate a personalized greeting message, taking a name as input and returning a “Hello, [name]” message.

"""A hello-world filter plugin in collection."""

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function

__metaclass__ = type

  name: hello-world
  author: Luca Berton <[email protected]>
  version_added: "1.0.0"  # same as collection version
  short_description: hello world
      - This filter returns the hello from a name input.
  positional: _input
      description: Name to show.
      type: raw
      required: true

def _hello_world(name):
    """Returns Hello message."""
    return "Hello, " + name

class FilterModule:
    """filter plugin."""

    def filters(self):
        """filter plugin."""
        return {"hello_world": _hello_world}

Let’s break down the key components of the provided Python script,

  1. Metadata Section:
  1. Filter Implementation:

Practical Use

To utilize this filter plugin in an Ansible playbook, you can invoke it using the hello_world filter with a specific name as input. Here’s an example:

- name: Example Playbook
  hosts: localhost
    - name: Display Hello World Message
        msg: "{{ 'Your Name' | hello_world }}"

Replace ‘Your Name’ with the desired name, and when you run this playbook, it will output a message like:

TASK [Display Hello World Message] ********************************************
ok: [localhost] => {
    "msg": "Hello, Your Name"


Understanding filter plugins in Ansible is crucial for extending the capabilities of your automation scripts. The “hello-world” filter plugin we explored provides a foundation for creating more complex filters tailored to specific use cases. By customizing and expanding upon this example, you can enhance your Ansible playbooks with personalized and dynamic content. Happy automating!

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