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Ansible News - Ansible Core 2.15.0

Ansible v2.15.0 Changelog: Enhanced Features, Module Improvements, Bug Fixes, and Deprecations.
May 18, 2023
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Ansible Core 2.15.0

The changelog for version 2.15.0 of Ansible was released on 15th May 2023, a popular open-source automation tool. Here is a summary of the changes listed in the changelog:

  1. New Features:

    • Added new tech preview dnf5 module
    • Added new deb822_repository module
  2. Module Improvements:

    • Multiprocessing workers have a new mechanism for prompting for user input, instead of direct stdin access
    • ansible-galaxy collection install performance and reliability improvements
    • ansible-test improved container compatibility with hosts using cgroup v2
  3. Bug Fixes:

    • Several bug fixes have been implemented in various modules and plugins.
  1. Breaking Changes:

    • ansible-doc - no longer treat plugins in collections whose name starts with _ as deprecated (#79362).
    • ansible-test - Integration tests which depend on specific file permissions when running in an ansible-test managed host environment may require changes. Tests that require permissions other than 755 or 644 may need to be updated to set the necessary permissions as part of the test run.
    • ansible-test - The vcenter test plugin now defaults to using a user-provided static configuration instead of the govcsim simulator for collections. Set the ANSIBLE_VCSIM_CONTAINER environment variable to govcsim to use the simulator. Keep in mind that the simulator is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
    • ansible-test sanity - previously plugins and modules in collections whose name started with _ were treated as deprecated, even when they were not marked as deprecated in meta/runtime.yml. This is no longer the case (#79362).
    • ansible-test validate-modules - Removed the missing-python-doc error code in validate modules, missing-documentation is used instead for missing PowerShell module documentation.
  2. Deprecations:

    • The ConnectionBase()._new_stdin attribute is deprecated, use display.prompt_until(msg) instead.
    • ansible-test - The foreman test plugin is now deprecated. It will be removed in a future release.
    • ansible-test - The govcsim simulator in the vcenter test plugin is now deprecated. It will be removed in a future release. Users should switch to providing their own test environment through a static configuration file.
    • password_hash - deprecate using passlib.hash.hashtype if hashtype isn’t in the list of documented choices.
    • vars - Specifying a list of dictionaries for vars: is deprecated in favor of specifying a dictionary.
  3. Documentation:

    • Various updates and improvements have been made to the documentation.

This is just a summary of the changes mentioned in the changelog. For more details and specific information, it is recommended to refer to the original page.

Ansible Core vs Ansible Community

The size and amount of resources the Ansible Core is the smallest package. At the same time, the Ansible Community package is more extensive and has many more resources in the footprint. Why did the engineering team release two packages? Well, because sometimes you have a different use case. You want a smaller package for a specific workload. And you would like the Ansible community for her. When developing or needing a complete overview of the answerable project, you can also increase velocity because each piece of the Ansible Core and the collections can be released asynchronously. So, at a different time than Ansible.

PIP installation

We can test the code installation via the PIP package manager, the Python package installer. For example, let’s create a “venv” virtual environment to test our Ansible beta version (“2.15.0”).


python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
python3 -m pip install ansible-core==2.15.0


The Ansible v2.15.0 Changelog released on 15th May 2023 highlights notable changes in this version, including enhanced features, improvements to modules, bug fixes, and deprecations. It provides a comprehensive overview of the updates and modifications made to the Ansible automation tool. Save the date for the upcoming AnsibleFest 2023( in Boston, USA, 23rd–25th May 2023.

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