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Ansible News - Ansible Automation Platform 2.1 General Available

Ansible Automation Platform 2.1 is the newest release of the Enterprise-grade Ansible Platform from RedHat. Even if you’re a Community-only user let me highlight the four major improvements: automation mesh, automaton execution environment, OpenShift Platform Operator, and central authentication.

December 2, 2021
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Hello everyone and welcome to the latest Ansible Automation news from Ansible Pilot. On December 2nd the Engineer Team give as a gift before Christmas, they just announced their Ansible Automation Platform 2.1 General Available. Let me quickly remind you that the Ansible Automation Platform is the enterprise-grade release of Ansible with the Customer Support provided directly by the RedHat corporation. The Early Access 2.0 release was presented this summer but this new version was announced in September 2021. This is a major upgrade from the previous Platform 1.2.

Let me share four highlights of this release:

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The platform now includes all the following 11 products:

I’m ready to have fun with some of the new technology introduced by the Ansible Engineer Team. Thank you guys for all the hard work Even if you’re using Ansible as Community only it’s important to keep an eye on the Enterprise-grade evolution of the platform. Thank you for watching and have a great day from Ansible Pilot.

More information on the official RedHat blog post: Introducing Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 2.1.


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