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50+ Automation Examples For Windows System Administrator And DevOps

August 19, 2022
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Automating your Windows Target Nodes with Ansible enables you to achieve Infrastructure As Code (IaC). Using IaC you’re going to be able to automate your workflow, reduce human errors, and be faster about your critical business demands.

🔧 Break down the barriers to Windows automation with the “Ansible for Windows”! 🌐 Whether you’re a Windows sysadmin looking to streamline operations or a seasoned IT professional exploring cross-platform automation, this carefully curated collection of tutorials and guides is your roadmap to mastering Ansible in a Windows environment.

🖥️ Getting Started with Windows Automation: Start your journey with an introduction to Ansible and its seamless integration with Windows systems. Learn the basics of managing Windows servers and workstations using Ansible playbooks.

🚀 Windows Modules and Tasks: Explore the extensive library of Ansible modules tailored for Windows automation. Dive into practical examples of using Ansible tasks to perform common Windows management operations.

🌐 Configuring Windows Environments with Ansible: Discover how Ansible simplifies configuration management across your Windows infrastructure. Explore best practices for maintaining consistent configurations on Windows servers and clients.

🗄️ Managing Files and Permissions: Uncover Ansible’s capabilities in efficiently managing files and permissions on Windows systems. Learn how to orchestrate file transfers and ensure security compliance.

🔍 Windows Software Deployment: Streamline the deployment of software and applications on Windows platforms using Ansible. Gain insights into automating software updates, installations, and configurations.

🔑 Securing Windows Automation with Ansible Vault: Delve into Ansible Vault for secure storage of sensitive data, credentials, and secrets on Windows. Implement encryption and secure practices to fortify your automation workflows.

🔄 Windows Automation Best Practices: Master advanced techniques and best practices for efficient Windows automation. Explore tips for optimizing performance, handling errors, and scaling your automation efforts.

🛠️ Troubleshooting Windows Automation Tasks: Equip yourself with troubleshooting skills to address common challenges in Windows automation. Learn effective debugging techniques for Ansible playbooks on Windows.

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Ansible provides various modules to manage your Windows target nodes for example interact with the file system, users and groups management, interact with registry, etc. I’ll show you step by step how to prepare your Ansible controller to interact with the Windows target nodes. This initial configuration sometimes is a roadblock for some Windows users to start using Ansible.

Windows System Administrator

Windows System Administrator can be daunting, especially when you need to manage a large number of servers. Simple tasks such as rebooting, installing software, checking, adding, or removing keys from the registry could be extremely useful. You’re going to love the way to roll updates using Ansible.

The Best Resources For Ansible For Windows By Examples

Video Course


Files Management

Files Management is the most tedious, repetitive, and human error-prone task that you could automate using Ansible.

Users & Groups Management

Managing local Users and Groups is never been so easy using Ansible for your Windows target nodes.


How to reproduce, troubleshoot, and deeply understand the most common Ansible fatal error in your Ansible automation journey.


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