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Learn how as IT Professionals, we can take advantage of the newest Quiet Hiring HR worldwide trend and how it collaborates with Great resignation and Quiet Quitting.

February 4, 2023
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Hello, friends. Today we are going to talk about Ansible for Quiet Hiring. So, what is Quiet Hiring? This is the newest 2023 trend in the job labor market. You probably have heard about the “greater resignation” and a “quiet quitting”, two 2022 trends. Now, That we have a new economic situation that is evolving, we still don’t know if It’s going to be a recession. The latest news shows us that some companies are doing some layoffs, some FANG, and a lot of big IT firms companies were doing some layoffs, but the productivity needs to remain the same.

What is Quiet Hiring?

It’s a new HR 2023 trend, according to Forbes (

Quiet Hiring is when an organization hires short-term contractors or reassigning acquires your existing employees to new positions.

This is an opportunity to upskill ourselves to be more valuable for the market. As an IT Professional, you know better than better technology evolving, and nowadays, managing our Modern IT infrastructure is more critical than ever for the core business of your enterprise. It’s not only that IT is providing not only the IT function. It is basically a critical piece for all the Business of your organization.

Why Ansible?

It’s so important? Well, because Ansible is a wonderful technology. It is standardized as a lot of different impacts and models to interact with a cloud provider more training our days and talking about the Ansible Web service, Azure Cloud, and Google Cloud platform as well. Also other, I’m thinking about Alibaba, Tencent, IBM, etc. There are many today, and then simply as all the capabilities to interact with these different resources. Form provision to day-to-day management. With this technology, you can connect to more servers and deploy. The application maintains more security patches. It is a game changer for your department’s business function and organization. So I really suggest you upskill yourself, as I’m sharing a lot of code on the blog.

What will be the next trend?

In this post-pandemic world, we move quickly. Today there is a Quiet Hiring trend. What will be the next one? I don’t know. What will be with the economic situation of 2023? Nobody knows; despite a lot of predictions, a lot of As always, I’m keeping an eye on it and sharing it with you. At the end of January 2023, Ansible released ansible-core 2.14.2 and ansible 7.2.0. More details in dedicated articles. Enjoy tour automation day! I’m going to study more and see us on the next adventure. Cheese. Bye.

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