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Ansible Modules To Automate the Docker, Podman, Kubernetes and OpenShift containers

April 26, 2023
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Automating your containers (Docker, Podman, Kubernetes and OpenShift) with Ansible enables you to achieve Infrastructure As Code (IaC). Using IaC you’re going to be able to automate your workflow, your CI/CD pipelines for example, and be faster about your critical business demands.


Ansible provides various modules to manage Docker containers, Docker, Podman, etc. I’ll show you step by step how to prepare your Ansible controller to interact with the Docker engine. This initial configuration sometimes is a roadblock for some Docker users to start using Ansible.





The Best Resources Ansible For Containers (Docker, Podman, Kubernetes and OpenShift)

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  • Ansible For Containers and Kubernetes By Examples: 20+ Automation Examples To Automate Containers, Kubernetes and OpenShift
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