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Ansible Modules To Automate the AWX web-based user interface

April 26, 2023
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Automating your web-based user interface (AWX) with Ansible enables you to achieve Infrastructure As Code (IaC). Using IaC you’re going to be able to automate your workflow, your CI/CD pipelines for example, and be faster about your critical business demands.

🌐 Dive into the heart of automation orchestration with the “Ansible AWX Explained”! 🚀 Whether you’re a seasoned IT professional or just stepping into the realm of automation, this carefully curated collection of tutorials and guides is your gateway to mastering Ansible AWX – the open-source upstream project of the Ansible Automation Controller (formerly Ansible Tower).

🔗 Introduction to Ansible AWX: Kickstart your journey with a comprehensive overview of Ansible AWX, unraveling its significance in managing Ansible Playbooks, Inventories, Vault, and Credentials within your organization. Understand how this modern web-UI and API elevate your automation control to new heights.

🚀 Setting Up Your AWX Environment: Follow step-by-step guides on installing and configuring Ansible AWX in your environment. Learn best practices for ensuring a smooth and efficient deployment.

🌐 Web-UI Mastery: Navigate the AWX web-UI like a pro, exploring its intuitive features and interfaces. Gain insights into managing and orchestrating Ansible tasks seamlessly through the graphical interface.

🗄️ Managing Inventories and Playbooks: Explore how AWX simplifies the management of inventories and playbooks. Learn to organize, version, and execute your Ansible playbooks with ease.

🔑 Vault and Credentials Management: Unlock the power of AWX for managing Ansible Vault and Credentials securely. Understand how AWX enhances the security of sensitive information within your automation workflows.

🔄 Automation Scheduling and Job Templates: Dive into the world of automation scheduling using AWX’s powerful job templates. Master the art of automating routine tasks and processes with precision.

🚦 Monitoring and Logging with AWX: Explore how AWX provides visibility into your automation activities through monitoring and logging features. Learn to troubleshoot and optimize your Ansible workflows with confidence.

🚨 Scaling and High Availability: Discover strategies for scaling AWX to meet the demands of large and dynamic environments. Implement high-availability configurations for robust and resilient automation control.

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Ansible provides various modules to manage AWX web-based user interface, which includes installation, user creation, start and stop containers, etc. I’ll show you step by step how to prepare your Ansible controller to interact with the AWX infrastructure. This initial configuration sometimes is a roadblock for some AWX users to start using Ansible.



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