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Ansible Contributor Summit 2023.10

Shaping the Future of Ansible: Save the date in Durham, USA, for the 2023 Contributor Summit.

September 26, 2023
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The Ansible Contributor Summit is back; this time, it’s making its mark in the heart of the “Bull City” — Durham, North Carolina, USA. Ansible enthusiasts and community contributors are gearing up for a day of collaboration, discussion, and innovation. Hosted as part of DjangoCon US 2023, this event promises to be a pivotal moment for Ansible aficionados. In this article, we’ll explore what the Ansible Contributor Summit is all about and how you can be a part of it.

The Essence of Ansible Contributor Summit

The Ansible Contributor Summit is a unique gathering for community contributors to connect, interact, and engage with the Ansible development teams. It’s an occasion to meet the brilliant minds behind projects like AWX, Galaxy NG, Molecule, Ansible Lint, and Event-Driven Ansible. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to discuss critical issues affecting the Ansible Community and to have a say in shaping the future of Ansible collaboration.

A Successful Model Continues

Co-locating the Contributor Summit with related events was first tested in February in Ghent, Belgium, as part of CfgMgmtCamp 2023. The success of that experiment has led to a second installment of this approach. This time, the Contributor Summit will be hosted alongside DjangoCon US 2023, and Ansible enthusiasts eagerly look forward to the synergy it will bring.

Hello, Durham!

Durham, known affectionately as the “Bull City,” holds a special place in the hearts of Ansible aficionados. Not only is it the home of Ansible itself, but it’s also the inspiration behind the beloved Ansible mascot, Ansibull. For those unfamiliar with the reference, the Ansible office overlooks the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, and the playful wordplay of bulls and Ansibulls has become synonymous with the Ansible culture.

Joining In: In-Person and Online

One of the standout features of this Ansible Contributor Summit is its hybrid nature. Whether you can be physically present in Durham or not, there’s a way for you to participate and contribute.

In-Person Participation:

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Online Participation:

Make the Contributor Summit

The Ansible Contributor Summit is not just about passive attendance but active involvement. What topics are you passionate about? Is there a specific aspect of the Ansible project you’d like to dive into? You have the chance to shape the agenda by proposing your ideas. Visit the Ansible Community Forum and submit your proposal with the following details:

The Synergy of DjangoCon US 2023

This edition of the Ansible Contributor Summit has a unique twist — it’s joining forces with DjangoCon US. This collaboration promises to bring additional discussions and topics related to Python and Django in the Ansible projects. Suppose you’re interested in contributing to AWX (the upstream automation controller, formerly Red Hat Ansible Tower) or Galaxy NG (the upstream of Ansible Automation Hub and the newest Ansible Galaxy). In that case, this event is a golden opportunity.


In conclusion, the Ansible Contributor Summit in Durham, North Carolina, is set to be an exciting event for Ansible enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned contributor or just starting your journey with Ansible, this summit provides a platform for collaboration, innovation, and community building. Make your mark on the future of Ansible by participating, proposing topics, and engaging with the vibrant Ansible community. Mark your calendar for October 19, 2023, and join the Ansible community in Bull City for an unforgettable knowledge-sharing and collaboration day.

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