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Build Ansible Pilot Community: Ansible Anwendertreffen 2022

Join Luca Berton at Ansible Anwendertreffen on February 15, 2022

Save the date! Join Luca Berton on February 15, 2022, at Ansible Anwendertreffen for insights on building the Ansible Pilot Community. Register for the virtual event.
February 4, 2022
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TL;DR: From Zero to Hero: How to build the Ansible Pilot Community - Ansible Anwendertreffen 15 February 2022 conference

Save the date! On 15th February 2022 I’ll be the speaker on the 3rd edition of Ansible Anwendertreffen (virtual) conference.

Save the date! On 15th February 2022! I’ll be the speaker at the 3rd edition of the Ansible Anwendertreffen (virtual) conference. The presentation title is “From Zero to Hero: How to build the Ansible Pilot Community” — by Luca Berton.

Save the date: 15 Feb 2022 Ansible Anwendertreffen🇩🇪

What is Ansible Anwendertreffen? It’s a very nice meeting place, especially for the German speakers’ Ansible users! Danke schön 🇩🇪 Wir sehen uns dort. Prost! My German is bad, apologies. The conference started three years ago by two fellow Red Hat Solution Architects aim to support the day-to-day Ansible Users, real use case, not a marketing event! The event is public, free, and probably interesting for many Developers, System Administrator, DevOps, Cloud Engineers. Hurry up and register on the Ansible Anwendertreffen🇩🇪 website. I’ll be one of the speakers of the Breakout Track 1–15:15–16:00 From Zero to Hero: How to build the Ansible Pilot Community by Luca Berton. I’m going to show you some interesting insight, the awards, some behind scenes, and lessons learn from the creation of the Ansible Pilot Community. The session is going to be live-streamed and recorded for further fun. So prepare your popcorn and your beer. Many thanks to the organizer of the conference Christian Jung, Principal Specialist Solution Architect EMEA, and Götz Rieger, Principal Solution Architect Red Hat.


Let’s take a look on the agenda. Each track has a separate stream link so prepare in advance. In the morning 11.00–12.00, there is an Introduction to Ansible for newbie and new users. The main presentation in my opinion is the keynote by Eike Holtz (Volkswagen AG) talking about Ansible — Eine Reise and by Götz Rieger (Red Hat) about Ansible Automation Platform 2.1 — Was gibt es neues, and Special Focus Automation Mesh. After a short break, there are two Breakout sessions. I’ll be part of the breakout session one from 15:15 to 16:00 sharing the fun with other talented speakers. After the session, I’ll be available for a question and answer and for some fun together. Some sessions look very interesting talking about CI/CD, automated testing, Edge computing and so much more. After Breakout session two a short Wrap-up and then there is a social event. Like in the previous successful event is going to be a virtual This is a kind of game, you navigate the virtual city and talk with speakers, other attendees, and the organizers. For sure it will be fun!


See us at the 15th Ansible Anwendertreffen on 15th February 2022 — From Zero to Hero: How to build the Ansible Pilot Community!

Danke schön 🇩🇪

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