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10 Ways to Speed Up Your Ansible Playbooks

Mastering Ansible Efficiency Using Ten Proven Strategies for Faster Playbook Execution

September 9, 2023
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Ansible, an open-source automation tool, simplifies IT infrastructure operations. Whether tackling simple package installations or orchestrating complex clustered solutions, optimizing Ansible playbooks is key to faster execution.

Step by Step

Here are ten methods to enhance Ansible Playbook performance:

  1. Identify Slow Tasks with Callback Plugins in ansible.cfg:
  1. Disable Fact Gathering in Playbook:
  1. Configure Parallelism in ansible.cfg:

Adjust the forks setting in ansible.cfg to control task execution batches. Increasing forks from the default 5 allows more parallel task execution, speeding up playbooks.

  1. Configure SSH Optimization in ansible.cfg:
  1. Disable SSH Host Key Checking in ansible.cfg:

The Best Resources For Ansible


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  1. Enable Pipelining in ansible.cfg:
  1. Utilize Execution Strategies in Playbook:
  1. Use Async Tasks in Playbook:
  1. Setting the Batch Size with Serial in Playbook
  1. Use Paramiko in ansible.cfg


Optimizing Ansible playbooks is a continuous journey. Experiment with various configuration parameters to find the ideal combination for your infrastructure needs. Additional parameters like serial, throttle, and run_once offer further optimization options. Refer to Ansible documentation for comprehensive guidance tailored to your environment.

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